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Nikon 247

was this the camera?

Well I never, just checked the latest Gene Novel development in London having just become a big convert of the French Master i was flabber gasted to see the photographs on WAN seemed to have been taken by a drunken staff member who seems to have had one too many. Pics out of focus and did the photographer slump against the glass when taking one of the pictures. You have to ask, did Gene sanction these? Interesting development.


I want a PPE!

I don’t want to study! The thought makes me shiver and cringe and stop breathing and sigh and slump and crap it and then PPE. Trying to blackmail myself into doing my professional practice exam (PPE) to be registered in SA. The last time i tried to build myself up along came the World Cup. The next exam is in March – hey isn’t Santa Coming to Town soon! The reason for the trepidation, i looked at some old past papers and got so many questions wrong………..sigh! Maybe if I concentrate on having a nice Christmas break then knuckle down in the new year – sounds like a plan. Woo hoo, 2 months of freedom.

More Ketchup Please

can i have sketchup on my fries

Heaven, been spending the first 2 days of this week designing with SketchUp, a very very cool and simple 3d modeling programme. I love it, because it is so simple. Although the tutorials should stress how important groups and components are, and layers for that matter especially when you first start out. More SketchUp please. Keeping the french theme, check out this chateau modeled in Ketchup.

Programme is Power

Its funny how I sometimes think back to classic do’s and don’ts’ that we are taught at university. Record everything, even if your client doesn’t confirm his instructions to you. The other, prepare a programme. Been using Bill G’s Microsoft Office Project quite a bit of late and as boring as setting up a programme is, once its done its a powerful tool which can be used in all facets of a project. This post pays respect to a post which fell in the line of duty earlier this week – it wont be forgotten.

get sign off, nobody gets off

Gene Novel

As architectural students we took great pleasure in finding any fun in the GREAT names. It helped us wile away those long afternoons in the studio while trying to create our masterpieces or was it actually those drunken afternoons in the local pub when we jumped on any excuse to down tools for a sneaky beer and blame it on the complexity of the project ahead. The best was Jean Nouvel.

a better class of sneaky beer

Gene Novel – Jean Nouvel – Villa Vesuna

I was so lucky to stumble upon a wee gem while on a kids train ride around the beautiful french town of Perigueux. While I was on the fun ride It really struck me that the big boys have so much fun – the lucky devils, I am totally envious. The villa Vesuna really struck me as one such gem. A dramatic floating roof over the villa ruins, there are no internal columns and then to add that piece of french flare the footprint is boldly reflected on the ceiling – brilliant. More to follow on my france vacation.

JAF - a roof to die 4

Fresh from France

Just about recovered from our family vacation to France, nightmare plane flights, what were we thinking of by dragging our 2 kids half way around the world, however I think it was well worth it. Spent quality time with my brother and his family and my parents and was wowed by France’s beauty and historic past. Will share a few thoughts in the comming days. As a taster this was the chateau on our door step, which typically we didn’t visit until our last day and made the most lasting impression. Wow, france is beautiful, and yes we feel refreshed and ready to face the 9-5.