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House with commanding views.

street view

This was a house which I designed a few years back and although a few features were removed for cost saving reasons I am pleased how it turned out considering there was very restrictive design guidelines. Pitched roofs were a non-negotiable and I managed to argue for a central “dormer” feature, however the feature was not fully realised on site which would have added punch to the facade.


Nine ladies dancing!

9 ladies dancing !!!

Just weeks to go to the festive break and our work load has increased by a third. All to be completed by 10 January 2011, which really means completed before we go on leave, especially if we want a proper break. In these tough times its nice to be busy, but Santa this busy wasn’t exactly my wish, but at least its interesting stuff. Very challenging in-fact and a real conundrum to get it all designed and to manage everyone so they are busy and efficiently using their last 9 days till Christmas.