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Mr Judd

I felt my blog was missing something when I thought that I should list people and things which inspire me. So I have to start with Donald Judd. A work mate made me aware of his work and a few years back we were lucky enough to visit his Foundation and the Chinati Foundation, which were breath taking. His work is raw, elegant and full of light.


That’s never happened before!

Can’t believe it, hectic deadline today to issue a “shed” load of tender documentation after just 3 days back at work and we managed to get it all out without having to work late. That’s never happened before!

Urban Park jigsaw

Barely 3 days into 2011 and already got a very very tricky community project on the table which needs some wow images and layouts to unlock the site and hopefully funding. Got 5 days to whip something up and i need lots of inspiration. Check out the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle by Weiss Manfredi who won the competition from an international pool of 52 applicants. Their design vision expressed a dynamic integration of landscape, architecture and urban design, which they had successfully achieved in previous projects.