DIY Coffee Table

My first real bit of home DIY furniture. Nice and simple but don’t look too close. Not sure if Donald (Judd) would approve. 


Three easy steps to achieving what you want

Simple but effective!

Cristian Mihai

1. Believe you can.

2. Try.

3. Don’t give up.

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Bay Walk

WDC 2014. Very happy to have our idea recognized. Watch this space.


Coffers, what Waffle?

These coffer pots are mesmerizing and appear to stretch for miles. Been trying to take arty photographs from building site I’ve worked on over the years. Not to sure how arty it is. This is taken from my current project which I have been working on for the last year. It’s the ground floor construction of a Shopping Center complex. Here in SA they call this type of construction coffer slabs, but sometimes I lapse back into my UK brain and call them waffles, which I did the other day. The design team looked at me with very puzzled faces! This is also my first post from an iPhone – hope it works. Well it didn’t, sending the old way, from our computer at home. Can you believe i consider this old and slow.


A year ago yesterday I moved to dhk

Phew, has a year passed so quick. Now working in a dynamic and buzzing office called dhk.  I have been exclusively working on a shopping center project in Johannesburg called Dainfern Square due for completion in April 2015. Its hectic but great to be in charge.

june 04 - 07J004_3D_017

rem koolhaas delirious new york / james finnie ecstatic cape town

Just love this image and remanded me of the great image of Manhattan from the air in Mr Koolhaas book, but this “Cape Town” image is in colour and the buildings are all the same height.
ref – deckle edge – died and gone to heaven, what an art shop.IMG_0624

The Unique Western Cape

Western Cape

Being Scottish who would have thought the Cape had such diverse communities. When I was on site in the Contractors Office this picture just summed up the Cape for me.