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Jabulani ball distracts studying Architect

thank you adidas

Can it really be flawed, like they say? You don’t hear the Brazilian’s complaining, but it’s proving to be quite the opposite for me, its shear beauty is proving a very annoying distraction. It has a hypnotic effect every time I try to study, it somehow draws me away from the books towards the television.


Cities Not So Small Sculpture

The City of Cape Town Stadium is breathtaking, not just a building but a true piece of sculpture by one of the worlds leading architectural practices – gmp. A few facts, its the only stadium to have a completely glazed roof. New stadia are typically dug into the ground with the pitch 5m or so below ground level, this one couldn’t be due to rock immediately below surface and cost to remove. A new podium was devised to bring spectators up to the main concourse level creating a base with a sculptural Anish Kapoor type form hovering on top. The roof is fully suspended from a perimeter ring beam and can move up to 1.5m.  Check out more images courtesy of the City of Cape Town.

Being Registered

coffee please, or maybe a lottery ticket

To be a registered architect in South Africa I need to sit their professional exam. Got a shock when I got most of the questions in a past paper wrong. God it means I really  have to study. Sat down about an hour ago and nodded off after reading just 4 pages, it was Building Contract conditions! Need to focus until the September exam, but there is a little problem of a small footie tournament thats about to start. Anyone got any tips?

Roof, but not quite on the Hoof

courtesy of Feilden Clegg

Very excited about a community project I have recently got involved in. A local school would like to roof over their outside pool, I said I could help and they were chuffed. Funding (oh that old chestnut) dependent I really think we could do something a little left of centre. I will post the first ideas soon, but along with the potential builder we would like to push for a very environmentally friendly sustainable solution, but slick and cool. I am very keen to ask one of the local Cape guru’s in environmental design, a guy called Paul Carew to help out. Very excited. Check out his cool pool by Feliden Clegg in the UK.