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Against all odds, the human spirit can prevail?

Read an amazing article in Monday’s paper about a small community that has developed over the last 25 years on the Cape Flats. It consists of 300 poor black households who have practiced subsistence agriculture. They started with nothing but decided to farm the land and now they are self sustainable and even assist those in greater need around them, they approached a local Agriculture College who helped guide them, its impressive reading. But now the provincial government wants to move them on to make way for a temporary relocation area (squatter camp) of temporary housing. Shame on them, there is info on a facebook site, makes you want to get your marching boots on. amazing people


Take a leaf out of this book

Now this is a library! We were lucky enough to visit the amazing Seattle Library building which on first impressions looks way off the mark. Walking around this unique piece of urban architecture shows OMA have created a place truly of the people. Local homeless people use the building and are not ushered out as is so often the case.