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We Can’t Afford Not To

books books booksMy last post was driven by this – 7.23% of South African schools have functioning libraries. 19,808 schools do not even have a library space. Equal Educations campaign for school libraries is a great organization, definitely worth checking out.


Equal Education

My mother-in-law is campaigning to build a community library where she stays. They have some funding already but to leverage some more she asked me to come up with some ideas for any site – very tricky i said but if we base it on modules (lego blocks) we can stick the blocks together to suit the site. So here is one option for one particular flat site.

Adios World Cup

come visit anytime

It was awesome while it was here and even the afterglow was pretty good. But finally things are getting back to normal. Got quite a few nice community projects on the drawing board, keeps me busy of an evening and keeps me out of the local night clubs. There is a pool roof, community library and our ongoing garage extension. Can you guess which one doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting funding?

Tactile tensile roof shines

Check out the other South African World Cup Stadia. I think South Africa should be proud to have built some world class grounds. I was unsure about the NMB stadium in Port Elizabeth, the roof just never seemed to do it for me. However it seems to come to life when the stadium is occupied, some of the images of the ground are stunning. Our office were privileged to be one of the co-ordinating architects working on the project which was the first one complete.