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"in the whole world"

Congrats to Cape Town for making it to the last 3 to be the 2014 host of the WORLD DESIGN CAPITAL.


Art reflects architecture – sometimes

love this, very will alsop

Dave Robertson has been painting again and I just love his stuff, especially this one. I see wild cantilevered buildings and an airship floating past in the background.

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#world_design_capital 2014 is a great initiative, the web image is of the #unfinished_flyovers on the foreshore and is very #cool_capetown but the logo is #hyenous. Sorry but still hope we go through to the last 3.

#Less_is_more still wins the day.

chicken or beef

Having a bit of fun producing ideas form my business card design. Any constructive comments would be appreciated. I did try white text on a black background but it didn’t look right, less is more still prevails. Thanks Mies.