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Value Engineering – Mountaineering

Quantity Surveyor / Bean Counter - Unfair?

Quantity Surveyor / Bean Counter - Unfair?

Aaaagh, i’ve lost the rag twice this week and had to throw my beans out of the blender. Been value engineering on an office project and we are finally on budget, so i spend my own time to mark up all the drawings for the Interior Designer showing all the agreed changes to get the work on budget – but will the quantity surveyors pull their %^*$#@ out of their *&^%$%$@ to record the savings – bloody bean counters, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.


Na Na Na Nineteen Days to Go

i'll be at the opening game in CT on the opening day

I have been provoked into posting this image of the City of Cape Town Stadium after a report on that great British institution – the BBC. In a world report they stated South Africa were “scrambling” to get ready for the Football World Cup. I had to pinch myself – was i watching Sky News? I really hate this melodramatic attitude towards South Africa. This stadium was completed 6 months ago and I watched the very first game there 4 months ago. Don’t get me wrong the BBC is legend, however i feel this statement is sensationalism of the highest order – shame on you BBC, would you have said that about Germany?

What? A Green Garage?

white bar - green tower

Ok, option no 2 of our Family Extension – and we really have ticked all the boxes this time. The design is totally different to our first stab. Its amazing when you are put in a corner and restricted that the Form and Function flourish. Fairly onerous building line set backs have actually eased access to our site. If you remember we needed a Family Room and bigger Garage. This we have done but i also want to build a Studio/Chill Deck above this. So somehow a “tower” type idea came out of this new option, maybe with solar panels on the roof and shading using recycled gum poles as shading creates a very unique green garage extension. I think the brick base must go and be replaced with gum pole screen – done.

birds eye view from the street


scour my brain for power

Trying to get my mind and body into a new space because its STUDY TIME. To be a registered architect in South Africa i need to sit their professional practice exam. Its a real thought, i am getting close to having 20 years experience and the thought of having to study is a killer, and I won’t even be able to put those grueling hours towards my CPD. For those who don’t know CPD = Continued Professional Development and its now mandatory and each architect must gain sufficient points each year to remain registered.

Turn Up The Heat for the Man in the Street

ok, lets make it the size of an ipad

Read an interesting and encouraging article in the business section of the Cape Times about a solar farm in Spain which when it goes live will provide power to 50,000 homes – great.   The down side for me was that the new cutting edge technology will only be available commercially in six, yes 6 years time.   I wonder do we need to get Steve Jobs Apple team on this???