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Bay Walk

WDC 2014. Very happy to have our idea recognized. Watch this space.



Coffers, what Waffle?

These coffer pots are mesmerizing and appear to stretch for miles. Been trying to take arty photographs from building site I’ve worked on over the years. Not to sure how arty it is. This is taken from my current project which I have been working on for the last year. It’s the ground floor construction of a Shopping Center complex. Here in SA they call this type of construction coffer slabs, but sometimes I lapse back into my UK brain and call them waffles, which I did the other day. The design team looked at me with very puzzled faces! This is also my first post from an iPhone – hope it works. Well it didn’t, sending the old way, from our computer at home. Can you believe i consider this old and slow.


A year ago yesterday I moved to dhk

Phew, has a year passed so quick. Now working in a dynamic and buzzing office called dhk.  I have been exclusively working on a shopping center project in Johannesburg called Dainfern Square due for completion in April 2015. Its hectic but great to be in charge.

june 04 - 07J004_3D_017

rem koolhaas delirious new york / james finnie ecstatic cape town

Just love this image and remanded me of the great image of Manhattan from the air in Mr Koolhaas book, but this “Cape Town” image is in colour and the buildings are all the same height.
ref – deckle edge – died and gone to heaven, what an art shop.IMG_0624

Turn your back for 8 Years

Wow, i used to live in the London borough of Vauxhall, on the face of it, it didn’t have much to offer but it had it’s character and several hidden gems. It’s great to see that there are several plans afoot to enhance the area from funky towers to what looks like a major urban intervention. Allies and Morrison have prepared a large seemingly well thought out proposal. I grew very fond of Vauxhall, but as the old saying goes – turn your back for 8 years, a lot can change. Looking forward to the next 8 years. Miss you Val-hal!

Is my Tree House a Green Building?

Modularisation – that’s what came to mind when the builder was removing redundant acoustic panels from a rehearsal space on a refurbishment project I am working on. These 1.2m x 1.2m panels could be “clipped” together to make a tree house for my kids. It was with great satisfaction last weekend and the invaluable help of a local joiner Vincent, that my kids moved into their recycled tree house. They had been waiting patiently all weekend to see it realized.
So the ingredients are – 8 acoustic panels, scaffolding board, old gum polls, various bits of wood, handle and hinges found in my tool box. Purchases from local hardware store – screws, sand and cement, rafters and corrugated sheeting.

Scrubs Up Well

Was given an ozzie architectural magazine from my Ozzie Auntie, packed full of quality work as usual, and then lurking at the back a classic house from DCM, revisited. They are a great Australian practice and was a constant source when we were students. the house is audacious and extravagant to say the least, but talk about a clean sheet of paper. Being a lover of concrete it was great for me to see it being used for a house in such a monumental way. Having said that in the same magazine I was reminded that concrete does not weather well and wondered if the “revisit” wasn’t a chance to give the house a wee scrub up, boy I’d like to know. See the green mould on the base of a brand new funky terrace. How a building weathers after 10 and then 20 years is for me an important ingredient which is almost completely overlooked when we drool over those freshly taken glossy pictures. Never the less cool house, looks like is ageing beautifully.