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Silver Surfer

making waves

Our local school has an outdoor pool, however it has no roof so it has limited use during our winter months. So I came up with a couple of concept sketches for their funky new roof, but this is my fav. Had very positive feedback from the school for my proposal. What do you think? Fingers crossed we can find the money. I fear there is a long and arduous road ahead. Will keep you posted.



There is only one Skidmore Owings & Merrill

Fleet Place House - Holborn Viaduct

Just updated my SOM cv page. So you should know they were founded in 1936, they became corporate pioneers in architecture and produced outstanding landmark buildings all around the world and still do. Along with ARUP in the UK, these are two companies which inspire me. I was lucky to work on the refurbishment of the Heinz Headquarters Building outside London and saw at first hand how these early pioneers worked their magic. Fleet Place House (Holborn Viaduct) was a legacy of projects such as Hayes Park and was a technical awakening. Great company.

Students, please storm ugly buildings.

a real gem

While I worked for SOM we worked in Millbank Tower, its a gem of a 60’s building. Designed by Ronald Ward and Partners in 1963 it is full of hidden features. The UN and the Labour Party have all had offices in the building. Its a shame parts were damaged, but I understand the need to protest. I was lucky, in my generation, the government paid me to study, but it was dependent on my parents income. Education should be free to those who really can’t afford it, what a burden to have a huge loan to repay when you start out on your career. Having a brother who studied in the US, I know. So march on students, but can we only have architectural students protesting then at least they can destroy some of the crap thats been build rather than the good stuff.

Ballsbridge – Sorry Stephanie

ops, too heavy, not elegant

cool concept image

A “second string” SA rugby team just beat Ireland, but thats not the point of this post – sorry irish Stephanie, my wife’s best-est rugby buddy. But the new Lansdowne Road Stadium, for me just doesn’t live up to the initial concept images. Sorry, but seeing what SA produced this year, its chalk and cheese. The expressed structure is too in your face and the original images show this as a very delicate almost invisible structure. Its a classic problem when you do the initial images. Populous, who are one of the big boys, along with HOK Sport and Scott Tallon Walker who do top drawer stuff, but unfortunately this time they just haven’t pulled this off. It seems apt that the stadium is located in Ballsbridge – shame for such a world famous venue.

Bye bye old friend

We are about to say a sad fair-well to a very close fiend in the coming months. Its almost too emotional to say any more, but just to say we are about to fill in our wonderful double height space to create a study / bedroom on the first floor.