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Who’s Edith Stephens?

Edith Stephens Wetland Park blew me away when i first visited it, it is a unique jewel serving various communities in the heart of the Cape Flats. Edith Stephens is an urban wetland park which teaches life skills to the young kids in the area through ecology and environmental awareness in the park. I have been working on the Artscape Opera and Theatre Complex and when Greater Good South Africa’s Do It Day initiative identified that “Edith” wanted a stage to host events and shows, it seemed the perfect synergy.

This is me, knee deep in it during the casting of the stage.


“green” Blogger

Learning on the job! About a week into my first ever blog, and with a little bit of concentration i am slowly slowly getting to grips with the set up, its like learning a new CAD programme, but the input is immediate, which is great. My sister-in-law got me started but i think i need more of a helping hand. Its the first time that i’ve really understood how powerful this medium can be for marketing and selling yourself.