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France 24hrs Away

thats us, between the first and second dot, just below the F in FranceWho would guess we are off to France for a wonderful family holiday. Looking forward to showing the kids Chateau’s a go-go, lets hope so, and maybe even a wee modern gem or 2. The latest score – Sleeps 0 Excitement 100’s – i’ve never seen such a one sided game.


9 Working Days

this is actually tidy

Off to the Dordogne region of France in T minus 12 days for a bit of RNR, so its that time again. Its time to hand over my projects to someone else in the office. Oh no, I will now have to file 1 years work before we sit down tomorrow – AAGGHHH!!!. But why can’t people just get into your way of thinking, why do I have to show them every nook and cranny of my ramshackle filing. Will I be able to avoid that classic of all classics when I can’t even find where I filed the most important document on the job.