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Scrubs Up Well

Was given an ozzie architectural magazine from my Ozzie Auntie, packed full of quality work as usual, and then lurking at the back a classic house from DCM, revisited. They are a great Australian practice and was a constant source when we were students. the house is audacious and extravagant to say the least, but talk about a clean sheet of paper. Being a lover of concrete it was great for me to see it being used for a house in such a monumental way. Having said that in the same magazine I was reminded that concrete does not weather well and wondered if the “revisit” wasn’t a chance to give the house a wee scrub up, boy I’d like to know. See the green mould on the base of a brand new funky terrace. How a building weathers after 10 and then 20 years is for me an important ingredient which is almost completely overlooked when we drool over those freshly taken glossy pictures. Never the less cool house, looks like is ageing beautifully.