Gene Novel

As architectural students we took great pleasure in finding any fun in the GREAT names. It helped us wile away those long afternoons in the studio while trying to create our masterpieces or was it actually those drunken afternoons in the local pub when we jumped on any excuse to down tools for a sneaky beer and blame it on the complexity of the project ahead. The best was Jean Nouvel.

a better class of sneaky beer

  1. You forgot to mention me – or did you?

    Re your recent post – (that I think you have taken down) I prefer “How do you look little, but actually are very busty”.
    Answer – I have no idea.

    Keep up the posts – I receive them by email and it is refreshing to see what you are up to in SA. I am really impressed by the community work you are involved with. Keep it up Jim! Sean

  2. Sean, thanks and yes – no! Have you received any more awards for your delicate architectural interventions.

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