We can all learn lots from SA’s first 5* green office building, I did.

off shutter concrete

A week or so ago I visited Aurecon’s recently completed Cape Town office and South Africa’s first 5 Star rated green building and it was fantastic and enlightening. Developed by Rabie it was a breath of fresh air but also a nice reality check to know it’s not a huge paradigm shift to construct a GBCSA rated green building. All the techniques which “we” discuss were incorporated into a quality building. For this architect it was a great injection boost and I loved the south facing restrained minimal feel. Located at a prime location at Century City and why not, I was actually impressed by the infrastructure which has been in place from the get go there, allowing developers and tenants to get a foot on the green ladder before they even start.

  1. Hi Jim
    Liking your blog – didn’t know you had one!
    Surprised that SA has only one 5 star Green Star building. I’ve written a short paper on rating tools and why they don’t necessarily result in good green buildings but I have to confess that it is written from a ‘carbon emissions’ perspective.
    I’m just starting the whole blog thing so would appreciate a ‘follow’!

    Cheers and all the best for the new year (didn’t see your family update email this year… Hope all is well!)

    Colin B

    • Colin,
      Thanks for the comment, I better double check my facts. SA have only had the GBC for 3 years now, in fact I went to the first GBCSA conference which was great. very inspiring. The tools were all set up using the Austrailia system and they had several speakers from oz.

      Ps still working on our newsletter. Just can’t seem to get to anything these days.

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