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Our local school has an outdoor pool, however it has no roof so it has limited use during our winter months. So I came up with a couple of concept sketches for their funky new roof, but this is my fav. Had very positive feedback from the school for my proposal. What do you think? Fingers crossed we can find the money. I fear there is a long and arduous road ahead. Will keep you posted.


  1. We have a similar problem at my daughter’s school and they are raising funds for a retractable roof over the pool so that in the summer it is still an outside space.
    I believe they are looking at proprietary products – there are companies out there that specialise in providing these things.
    I like your design but if funds are limited this might be worth exploring?

  2. I will look into it, however the product market is quite limited down here. One school installed a basic frame and heavy duty plastic covering, but it acts like a sauna in the summer, the side can come off but even then its a poor solution. Ps -I liked your web site but the main tags along the bottom weren’t working and as you said needs updating. Get yourself a BLOG man, see how i plop something on each week to keep it fresh, only takes 20 minutes of an evening.

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