Na Na Na Nineteen Days to Go

i'll be at the opening game in CT on the opening day

I have been provoked into posting this image of the City of Cape Town Stadium after a report on that great British institution – the BBC. In a world report they stated South Africa were “scrambling” to get ready for the Football World Cup. I had to pinch myself – was i watching Sky News? I really hate this melodramatic attitude towards South Africa. This stadium was completed 6 months ago and I watched the very first game there 4 months ago. Don’t get me wrong the BBC is legend, however i feel this statement is sensationalism of the highest order – shame on you BBC, would you have said that about Germany?

    • Rafa
    • May 24th, 2010

    We are very much used to the sensationalism.
    19 days to go. Nothing can stop us now!! 🙂

    • francesca
    • May 25th, 2010

    well said, typical slack journalism regurgitating stories that sound like a good story but have no basis… generally speaking all we hear about SA in the news is how bad the crime is and how dangerous it going to be for all those unsuspecting tourists. not how beautiful and good the roads are (compared to the rest of africa and some of europe too) etc..

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